Passport Services - Ironton

Passport services will resume on a by-appointment-only basis starting Monday, June 15.

We offer passport applications and passport acceptance services. We welcome any questions you may have about the passport application process.

Travel alerts and in-depth answers about travel and passports may be found at the Department of State website:

Contact Information
(573) 546-2615

Required Identification

Photo ID
Recent Color Photograph ($17.00 at the library)
Certified Birth Certificate or
Expired Passport Book or Card

Name Change Identification
Marriage License
Divorce Decree

Further identification may be required


Prices may be subject to change.

Application Fee: $35.00
Adult Passport: $110.00
Youth Passport: $80.00
Passport Card: $30.00
Youth Passport Card: $15.00
Expedite Fee: $60.00

​ 1-2 Day Delivery Fee
To Agency (2 day): $24.70
From Agency: $17.13

Two checks required

​ Department of State website:

Keep in touch:

Ironton: 573-546-2615
Annapolis​: 573-598-3706
Viburnum: 573-244-5986
Fredericktown: 573-783-2120
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